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Viajes para jóvenes
Viajes configurados para sacar el mayor aprovechamiento de tu tiempo.
Viajes para adultos
Un proyecto en desarrollo. El objetivo principal es que sea para todos los bolsillos.
Lots of complete exercises. Time to practise!
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Where are the courses?


I am currently concentrating on the town of Tuam, Co. Galway. There are two other areas open for expansion and diversity depending on initial success and interest. One of these towns will be more course specific, offering courses in computing, web page design, app writing and cooking for now.



The main objective is to launch two separate courses, back to back, in August 2014. Other dates will become available depending on demand.


Who are these courses open to?


The courses are open to anyone over the age of eighteen.


Who am I?


I have years of experience both teaching and travelling with children's groups. I want to adapt that to produce an effective and efficient adult course.


Why do something different?


The majority of courses on offer don't give easy access to English speakers. The timetables leave you with too much free time and no options to speak unless you are very motivated and willing to talk to strangers.

How is this course different?


  • Hands-on listening practice in local businesses;
  • Personal development through theatre and public speaking workshops and music classes;
  • Community access: spend time with local speakers through their daily activities.
  • Access to local gym, with local people happy to accompany you in your workout;
  • Train with local clubs: men’s and ladies’ football and rugby clubs (two nights a week);
  • Train with the local triathlon club;
  • For golf addicts, how about a game a day? That’s a one-on-one conversation class all morning with a member of the local golf club!


Where can I stay?


You will have a choice between a home stay or hotel accommodation. Given the intensity of the proposed activities, for some people a hotel room to disconnect may be a good option. But in the end, it's up to you.


Do you propose to offer cultural visits?


The basic answer is no. The reason is, I want to offer as much access to English speaking as possible, from Monday to Friday.

However, your weekends are free to visit places. There are three specific tours already organised in the area:

  • Connemara,
  • The Cliffs of Moher,
  • the Aran Islands.


What about paintballing, karting, zorbing and bowling?


These are activities that could be organised in conjunction with local people. Getting a large enough group to come off and visit a castle with you might be more difficult.

Why not rent a car for the weekend and do it your own way?


More information?


I am sure there are more things to be discovered and tested! As the ideas flow I will update the web page.
Please do not hesitate to visit the contact page to offer your ideas, suggestions or comments.


Thank you for your visit. Don't forget to come back now and then to check for updates.
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