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Viajes configurados para sacar el mayor aprovechamiento de tu tiempo.
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Un proyecto en desarrollo. El objetivo principal es que sea para todos los bolsillos.
Lots of complete exercises. Time to practise!
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Teach your child to tell the time with this simple book.

You will need a printer and cardboard paper for the flashcards and to make your own clock.

More activities to come.

AlanSpeak-I can tell the time.

Download the book here.

This is an example of the flashcars you can make from the book:

AlanSpeak. Telling the Time. Sample image of flashcards.


This is the clock you can make with your child to practise telling the time. Print it off on cardboard, colour in the hands. Note the running rabbit on the minute hand to show it is the fast hand and the turtle on the hour hand to show it is the slow one. The little blur birds help to identify which multiple of five they are dealing with. For ESL students I believe it is very important NOT to teach "o'clock" as "en punto". "O'clock" is when the hour hand is on twelve and has no translation into Spanish. You can teach them "on the dot" in the voice of a Sergeant Major, or "sharp", which for kids does not give as much play".

AlanSpeak. Learn to tell the time. Make your own clock.



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