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¿Puedes identificar todos los deportes y las actividades representados en la foto?

Estudia los usos de los verbos "go", "do" y "play" con los diferentes deportes y actividades.

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Suggested exercises with this worksheet:


  • I go skiing in winter. I do gymnastics at school. I play football at the weekends.

  • I like skiing but I don't like climbing.

  • Would you like to go skiing on Saturday?

  • I can ski but I am (not) very good at it.

  • I can ski but my friend can't. / I can't ski but my friend can.

  • Let's go skiing. / Let's play football. / Let's do gymnastics.

  • Come and ski with me. / Come and play football with us. / Come and do gymnastics with me.

Look at the information about Ben. Then, read the story.

AlanSpeak, sports, deportes, exercise, ejercicio, esl, efl,

Look at the information about the other children. Then, write their stories.

 AlanSpeak, sports, deportes, exercise, ejercicio, esl, efl,

NOTE: All rights to the character images named "Ben", "Sam", "Ken" and "Pam" in these two exercise sheets belong to and remain with Enoc Burgos. You can find the files here and here. It is free to use for personal use. Not for commercial use.


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