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Dolch Pre-primer Sight Words

  • 001-a.png
  • 002-and.png
  • 003-away.png
  • 004-big.png
  • 005-blue.png
  • 006-can.png
  • 007-come.png
  • 008-down.png
  • 009-find.png
  • 010-for.png
  • 011-funny.png
  • 012-go.png
  • 013-help.png
  • 014-here.png
  • 015-I.png
  • 016-in.png
  • 017-is.png
  • 018-it.png
  • 019-jump.png
  • 020-little.png
  • 021-look.png
  • 022-make.png
  • 023-me.png
  • 024-my.png
  • 025-not.png
  • 026-one.png
  • 027-play.png
  • 028-red.png
  • 029-run.png
  • 030-said.png
  • 031-see.png
  • 032-the.png
  • 033-three.png
  • 034-to.png
  • 035-two.png
  • 036-up.png
  • 037-we.png
  • 038-where.png
  • 039-yellow.png
  • 040-you.png

Dolch Pre-primer Words.

Each slide includes the phonic transcription of the word. I also include the sound "schwa", that is the upside down "e". It is not taught in phonics because it is not written. I use this resource to teach Spanish speakers and it is essential to my classes to explain to my students that sometimes all the vowels can be "schwa".

Would you like some audio files on this page to be able to hear the words? Contact me here and let me know. You can also contact me via facebook.



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