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A word mat to practise your sounds.

A pond I redesigned, just a little bit and all the sounds. As an EFL teacher I also need /schwa/ and /zh/. Once I make them, I'll just put them into the box with a few extra letters for spelling (doubling consonants) and particularly seperate versions of /c/ and /k/.

AlanSpeak. Phonics. Word mat.

A bucket and balls to dip and mooch in!

I had seen these balls in lots of shops. The idea is simple enough, but I have so many balls in the two packs that I included extra spelling variants and the game is good to go for my older students, who continually complain that I only have games for the younger kids!

AlanSpeak. Play balls. Phonics. Spelling variants.

Ready to fish for sounds.

This has been driving me daft. I probably made all the wrong choices in that I bought the ping pong balls, but they had writing on them. Grrr! I bought spray paint, which for an anti-graffitti person was bold; it was also a lot of fun! The choice of paint was simple... the one I already had in the house from the salt sound tracing trays. I ended up buying a tube of paint to make anti-slip socks. Hopefully it will stand out enough once dried to be visible for the kids. I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE: It was a disaster. The lovely yellow colour sucked all the juice out of the gold paint. I do not know how because it was very dry! However, I have a new white paint/marker and will try that one out and then varnish over it once it dries.

AlanSpeak, ping pong balls, phonics, fishing for sounds

3D Letters for tactile recognition.

I printed out the alphabet using Inkscape and the Simple Print font. I added in lines to help the kids understand the sky, earth and underground reach of the letters. I used textile paint (€3) to go over the letters. Laminated. All that's left is to cut them out.

AlanSpeak, 3D letters, recognition, touch,

Preprimer Sight Word Penguins

Here's a little picture I put together to start working on sight words.

AlanSpeak, sight words, preprimer,

Exploding Phonics Box

I saw this on youtube made up as a card. I thought it would make a great project for two of my students to study words that are written with "ow", which, of course, can be pronounced /oa/ or /ou/. When they have finished their work I'll take more pictures and show you the after version!

AlanSpeak, OW, Exploding, Phonics, Box,

NEW! Sound Position Blocks.

My trolling through Pinterest today led me into a warp, from which I emerged with a complaint from someone that some manufacturer hadn't made all the letters in the three colours. Here's a version that resolves that issue. Print them off, laminate them, chop them up. You can make as many as you like. Please, do let me know if you find any mistakes! Also, if you do use them, let me know how you get on!

AlanSpeak. Phonics. Sound Position Blocks.

Here is a sample image of the Sound Position Blocks:

AlanSpeak. Phonics. Sound Position Blocks. Sample image.

Download the high resolution image for initial sound position here.

Download the high resolution image for middle sound position here.

Download the high resolution image for final sound position here.

I hope you find this useful!


Concentration cars.

I've seen similar activities on Pinterest, but made up this little game for a kid who is having difficulties concentrating on so many sounds coming together. He will also have to write out the word and put the spelling rules into action. Should have more feedback soon.

AlanSpeak. Phonics. Cars for concentration.

Silent "B"

Here's a list of words to practise. Remember... there's NO "b"!

AlanSpeak. Phonics. Silent B.

Mini Lollipop sticks with CVCs

I recently found these mini lollipop sticks and thought they would be fantastic as a way to save space on the table instead of having lots of flashcards to order. Again I've put the voiced "th" in "bold".

It's almost Carnival in Spain, so the shops are full of wonderful props. I also made my most dangerous purchase of recent times, a hot glue gun... Magic wands make for "magic e"!

AlanSpeak. Phonics. Lollipop sticks. CVCs. Magic e.

Impostor "Y"

"Y" is a consonant at the beginning of a word. However, in any other position it works as a vowel. On top of all that, it changes it's position depending on its position in the word. What an impostor!

AlanSpeak. Phonics. Pronunciation of the letter y

La "y" es consonante al principio de la palabra. Sin embargo, en cualquier otra posición funciona como vocal. Además, cambia su pronunciación dependiendo de su posición en la palabra. ¡Menuda impostora!

AlanSpeak. Phonics. Pronunciación de la y.

Primero os ofrezco un dibujo chulo donde los peques pueden ir colocando los globos para formar palabras segmentadas en inglés.

Una vez sepan segmentar la palabra en sus sondidos individuales, tienen que practicar la pronunciación completa de la palabra.

AlanSpeak Phonics blending segmenting board

¡Ahora faltan los sonidos!

Me faltan otros sonidos por preparar. Pronto llegarán.

AlanSpeak, phonics, game, sound balloons, phonemes,

Some stories for reading practice.

Algunos cuentos para practicar la lectura.

Story 1:

AlanSpeak. An ant in pants, pants and pants.

Story 2:

AlanSpeak. Phonics story. Reading. Nan sits in a pan

Story 3:

AlanSpeak. Phonics story. Reading. A man, Nan, an ant and a pan.

Words in the -an family.

AlanSpeak. Phonics. -an family. 


Words in the -at family.

AlanSpeak. Phonics. -at family. 

Words in the -ug family.

AlanSpeak. Phonics. -ug family. 


 I have spent time working on this alphabet using CVC words. A more simple alphabet to use with my young Spanish students.

AlanSpeak Phonics Alphabet for CVCs


This is a work in progress!

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