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A series of exercises and activities for ESL primary level students.

One of the problems that I find with exercises on the web is that they often fall short when it comes to consolidating what students are expected to learn. In other words, ten-sentence exercises allow you to practise, but won't consolidate your learning. I feel passionate about the use of phonics in the ESL classroom. The other staple is Colourful Semantics, which allow me to teach grammar without the boring and complicated explanations.

In this section you will find exercises on the following topics:

Classroom Games:
Some time ago I made the decision to change how the little ones felt about coming to class. My smallest students are five and deprived of their siesta because of our timetable. Basically, "the first day" they were thrilled to be in Alan's class. After that they whined about siesta time and not wanting to come to Alan's class because they had already done that. Since I started to look for alternatives, they have become detectives, surgeons, they move to and fro while blending words, but most importantly for me, they have stopped saying they don't want to come to Alan's classes.
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Colourful Semantics Spinners:
The first four spinners allow you to get random components to create a sentence. As the objective is to work on sentence structure, the meaning of the sentence is secondary. In fact, kids get a big kick out of making daft sentences. The orange wheel gives you the subject. The yellow wheel, the verb. The green one for objects. The blue one for place. The teacher can direct the students to change the verb tense according to whatever they are studying. I added a purple wheel with one hundred adjectives. I have my students spin this once for every noun in their sentence. They can then rewrite the whole thing and consolidate putting the adjectives in the correct position. Finally, there is a wheel to practise affirmatives, negatives and interrogatives.
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Telling the time:
Telling the time in a nutshell. I have made a downloadable book (PDF format) with all the possible combinations in five-minute segments. There is a sample image of the flashcards you can make from the book and also a craft project to make your own clock so that you can learn to tell the time. I eventually plan to go back to this project and make flashcard photos to use in class.
Prepositions of place.
Otto the Pelican comes to the rescue for children to learn or revise their English prepositions of place. There is also a PDF book that you can download. Have fun identifying where Otto is: "on", in", "between", "behind", "under", "in front of", "over", and "at". Otto certainly gets into some very strange places!
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Basic English Adjectives:
Yes! AlanSpeak also offers a book with lots of adjectives for you to download. Lots of sentences in a dotted font to trace over and practise the verb "to be". You can also use the book to help 
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Shopping for birthday food:
There are a number of exercises on this page. The first one deals with the vocabulary in the students' lesson: flour, eggs, cheese, butter, chocolate biscuits, broccoli, spinach, strawberries, sugar, cocoa, asparagus, and coconuts. The next picture offers lots of short roleplays for kids to talk about people's birthdays. Use the Saxon genitive, and make suggestions with "Let's make...". There is also an exercise to use "like" in the affirmative and negative forms. A shopping wexercise to practise asking "How much is...?" and "How much are...?" Finally there are two extensice exercises for kids to practise translating from Spanish into English using "Let's (do)" and "Come and (do)".
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What is he/she doing?:
A simple exercise with lots of pictures so you ccan practise the present continuous structure; make the distinction between "he" and "she"; use the verbs "play with" and "eat".
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La casa:
A future project.
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How many?
A future project. 
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A future project. 
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Rules and exercises.
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To be:
A future project.
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UPDATE: I will not be touching this exercise till around May 2015! I already have two exercises on animal vocabulary on the website. I want to join them into one and add sound files. At some stage in the past I learned to upload mp3 files, but I know that in order to make sound work on all kinds of apps, I need to learn a lot more about html coding and sound encoding. I probably won't get this one right until during the summer of 2015!
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If you enjoy colouring activities, download this.

Vocabulary practice

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