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1. My friends are washing their clothes. 

2. Your brother is walking the dog around the block. 

3. I’m driving to the post office because I have a bad ankle. 

4. Patrick is looking for a new car because his old one is banjaxed. 

5. I am learning about geography in order to understand the current situation better. 

6. He is riding the big rollercoaster. He’s fearless; at least that’s what he thinks. 

7. You’re ironing your trousers with a very hot iron! You’re asking for trouble! 

8. Anne Marie’s thinking about Sunday’s match. She hopes her team beats the others into oblivion. (...into the middle of next week!) 

9. It’s evening and Paula’s strolling down the beach, watching the sunset. 

10. Malcolm's roommate’s talking on the phone. It’s the same thing day in, day out. 

11. You made the mess. You’re mopping the floor. 

12. Jeff and Melissa are washing the car. Then Jeff is going to wax it. 

13. I’m listening to an audio book. It’s really interesting. I’m surprised at how much I understand. 

14. Dan’s answering the phones today because the receptionist is off. 

15. Marie’s saving for a holiday in the sun. She’s tired of all this bad weather. 

16. My English teacher’s fishing for compliments again. He really needs to get some self-confidence. 

17. Ger's flatmates are happy. It seems she’s moving to Dublin soon. 

18. We’re emailing a friend about the trip to Ireland. 

19. The girl next door’s walking to the shop. 

20. Why are you driving to school these days? How come you don’t get the bus? 

21. Homer, Marge, and Lisa are hoping for good weather at the weekend so they can go to the beach. 

22. I’m travelling to India this summer. It’s one of my ten things to do before I die! 

23. My parents are relaxing by the lake. I don’t know how they do it. I get bored after ten minutes. 

24. Can you be quiet for a moment? I’m listening to a very interesting story on the news. 

25. Linda’s enjoying a chocolate sundae. She says they are very refreshing, but they just make me thirsty. 



Download this document in pdf, translate the sentences and learn some new, useful expressions!


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