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AlanSpeak Sentence Transformation exercise

Basic transformation exercise

Transform the sentences using the word(s) given so that they mean the same as the original

  1. I'm sure you saw that film. (You must)
  2. She doesn't need to talk about Glee all the time. (needn't)
  3. She could afford an expensive lifestyle because she had inherited from her parents. (Being)
  4. Will you have some more coffee? (Change 'have' to 'like')
  5. He didn't want to sing and neither did my friend. (Use 'either')
  6. Alex said to her, 'I must be in London by seven tomorrow.' (Alex told her that)
    [1) You’re in Bath and tomorrow was three weeks ago.
    2) You’re in London and tomorrow was three weeks ago.
    3) You’re in Bath and tomorrow is now today.
    4) You’re in London and tomorrow is now today.]
  7. I'm sorry I didn't study more. (I wish)
  8. She was so intelligent a girl that they gave her the job straight away. (She was such)
  9. Hardly had we left the hotel when they finally called us. (We)
  10. The children insisted that they had to save up. (Change 'that' to 'on')
  11. This room needs painting. (This room needs to)
  12. I hope to talk again soon. (Change 'hope' to 'look forward to')
  13. You had better help her with her homework. (I would rather)
  14. Jane is not so pretty as Alice. (Alice is)
  15. One of your classmates left this for you. (A classmate)
  16. When she told me, I started to laugh. (Use 'couldn't help')
  17. She loves “Glee”. This surprises everyone. (The fact that)
  18. My mother blamed me because the window was broken. (Use “for”)
  19. We are sure of your sincerity. (Change 'of' to 'that')
  20. Heavy smoking can cause cancer. (Change 'cause' to 'result')
  21. My relations are poor. They never suffer from gout. (Use 'afflicted')
  22. It is useless to argue with him. (Use 'no use') It...
  23. So late were we that they had to wait for half an hour. [Begin 'We were'] [Begin 'They had']
  24. It is time for her to stop talking about “Glee”. (It is time she)
  25. The book was too interesting for me to stop reading. (Change 'too' to 'so')
  26. Let's go out to dinner, shall we? (How about)
  27. The number of people looking for work is going up. (Use 'increase')
  28. Would you be kind enough to fetch me some coffee? (Would you be so)
  29. Would you please leave? (Would you mind)
  30. No sooner had I opened the letter than I started to shout. (Hardly)

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