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1 "Enjoy Alicante!" said Margaret. "I'm not going on  holiday. I'm going on  business," replied David.

2 "I'm not   wage-earner; I'm   self-employed man. I have  business of my own, said Alan. "Then you're not  worker; you're  capitalist pig!" retorted Philip.

3 "In Spain we have  hour and  half for lunch and another hour for  siesta," commented Juan. "I only have  half  hour!" complained Paula, "It's hardly  time forsandwich,  cigarette and cup of coffee.

4 "My neighbour's daughter is  pregnant. She had  scan yesterday and knows it's going to be  girl. She's going to call her Madonna Barbara," said Mrs Smith. "That's  awful name to give to  child!" muttered Mrs Johnston.

5 "Paul, do you take  sugar in  coffee?" asked Majella. "Not now because I'm on  diet. I need to lose  weight.

6 "She is  gluten intolerant. She never has  bread at her house; but she'll give you  rice cakes," said Anne. "Oh, no!  last time I had  rice cake, I got  very bad indigestion," replied Joan.

7 "We had  fish and  chips for  lunch," said Paul. "That doesn't sound like  very interesting lunch," replied Mary.

8   person who suffers from  arachnophobia has  fear of  spiders. My sister screams every time she finds  spider in  room.

9 At the scene of an accident] Don't give her  drink. She's suffering from  shock.

10 Angela is in  bed. She has  sore throat and  headache. She's definitely got  cold, maybe   flu.

11 I can't believe they accused  Mr Smith of  dishonesty. He's  old customer and, I believe he is  honest man.  very honest man.

12 I wouldn't climb  Mount Kilimanjaro for £1,000,000! I have  fear of  heights.

13 My neighbour is  photographer; I want to ask him for  advice about digital cameras.

14 She didn't have  alibi. She was  prime suspect in  murder case. But  police didn't charge her with  murder. In  end, they only charged her with  manslaughter.

15 She looked at me in  horror when I told her that I was  forensic scientist.

16 We had  lovely time and  great weather.

17 We need to go by  bus; if we can get  bus at this time of  night!

18 What  horrible night; I only slept  little.

19 You can get  information about  hotels on  google.

20 You'll get  shock if you touch  live wire with a metal object. You need  screwdriver with  insulated handle.


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