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1. A history class

2. A universe

3. A hysterical laugh

4. An extravagant coat

5. In an hour’s time

6. An elephant

7. A one-horse town

8. A unified society

9. A unit of size

10. A unifier

11. An heir

12. A euphoric moment

13. A university student

14. An original painting

15. An opportunist

16. A z

17. A unicorn

18. An onion on the table

19. A horrible thing to happen

20. A house in the country

21. An uninteresting topic

22. An honourable politician

23. A unification method

24. A uric acid test

25. A use for something like this

26. A eulogist

27. An honest person

28. An edge

29. A uninterested person

30. A used car

31. A unilateral agreement

32. A unique opportunity

33. A eunuch

34. An honour to meet you

35. An egg

36. An hourly check

37. An f

38. A uniform for school

39. A uakari is a monkey from South and Central America

40. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

41. A eulogy

42. A united front

43. A unicycle is a bike with one wheel

44. A union

45. An outlandish statement

46. A one-handed job

47. A euro invasion

48. A heroic achievement

49. A user-friendly environment

50. A universal law

51. An endless nightmare

52. An exceptional circumstance

53. A one-way street

54. An invisible unicorn

55. An elegant dress

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